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Record Producer & Mix / Recording Engineer based in New York City.

Can be seen rockin' any music studio in Miami, FL; Los Angeles, CA and Connecticut.

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twitter: @TheBiGJooN

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Any Mac with an i7 chip.


Illustration by Jamie Tate

A little overpriced but still a #truestory.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Karmic Power Records!

Stacks and stacks of background vocals and leads… No problem. But treating over 11 minutes of non-stop adlibs is trying to wear me out. #NoSleepTilPitchPerfect

Even the coffee mug is a #classic. #KarmicPowerRecords

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BiG JooN!™ Music - Gospel turned 1 today!

Ginuwine - The Senior


Song Title: On My Way

Artist: Ginuwine

Album: The Senior

Year: 2003

Lyrics by: Elgin Lumpkin

Music by: Troy Oliver

Recorded by: Guillermo “BiG JooN!™” Edghill Jr

Mixed by: Jean-Marie Horvat

Studio: Hit Factory Criteria, Miami, FL

I'm In Love Marquee


Song Title: I’m In Love feat. Jhuryll Phoenix

Year: 2013

Lyrics by: Matt Heart & Jhuryll Phoenix

Produced by: Matt Heart & Al Fraser

Vocals Mixed by: Guillermo “BiG JooN!™” Edghill Jr

Mastered by: Guillermo “BiG JooN!™” Edghill Jr

Studio: The JooN JooN Room!, New York, NY

Video Directed by: Movi Mel

Original Score by: Tom Cusack


Jenny From The Block 11 Year Anniversary